Sam Jamieson Bridles and Accessories Collection

Hearing your frustrations aswell as my own seeing bridles that are the incorrect size, browbands being too tight I began my own collection including being able to buy separate pieces of the bridle to suit  and fit your horse.

The comfort headpiece allows the noseband to be attached at the side so not causing additional pressure over your horses head aswell as giving full adjustability.  The headpiece is also padded and anatomically shaped around your horses ears.

The bridles are beautifully stitched in either english or italian leather and are available with fancy stitching.

The noseband collection are available as cavesson, drop and flash.

I have various designs of browbands available in the collection including the stylish knot browband, plaited, plain, raised and sparkling bling.

You have a choice of reins: plain leather, rubber, raised with fancy stitching, biothene and suregrip.

If you are looking also for a padded leather headcollar this is available too.

A Winning Combination

My aim is to ensure both You and your Horse are happy and comfortable with your training equipment that I can. My approach is to discuss with you any concerns, assessing the equipment, your horse and working out how to rectify them if need be, you are the person that knows your horse best and how things feel to you, combined with my expertise we can work out what is the best for both you and your horse.

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