Karen Shepherd & Mister Mole

This case study has been written by Karen Shepherd.  Photo by Celia Cadawaller.

“Choosing this saddle was the easiest product purchase decision I’ve ever made. Why? Because my horse made the decision for me.

It almost moved me to tears the first time Sam Jamieson visited me and I tried her Deluxe Dressage saddle on Mister Mole. It was as if he’d found a whole new dimension in his body and started to just free flow. It really was unbelievable and unless you try one – I guess you’ll never know.

His half passes were always a huge weakness, which I thought was a physical problem. Clearly not! They were a saddle problem! We’ve experienced a huge improvement in our marks over the last few months – again I can only put this down to Sam’s saddle and her caring and thorough approach to fitting the saddle to achieve ‘the perfect fit’.

And me? Well I haven’t had less than an 8 for my riding since being in the Sam Jamieson saddle – it feels like it places you in the middle of your horse and in balance, so it’s been my secret weapon which I guess now is no longer a secret!

Just try one – then all will become clear.”

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