Client Testimonials

“Not only is Sam fantastically patient with the horse, she is helpful with the owner, explaining everything she is observing and giving advice and helpful tips on her findings.

I learnt more today than I ever have from a book. With a few minor adjustments to the saddle, and a ride to view the saddles and my position.  There was no hard sell, just honest advice and great service.  HIGHLY recommended.” – Donna Harvey, Cambridgeshire.

She has a wealth of experience and knowledge about horses and riding and it shows in so many ways, not least of which are her brilliant observational skills:  Sam can spot tiny movements of horse and rider (e.g. during a lesson, she saw my horse pull me forward momentarily, causing me to lose stability, and quickly helped me to correct it- it was such a small movement, I could barley detect it later on when I watched the video I had made!).

Sam gives constant feedback right through the lesson and isn’t afraid to ‘tell it how it is’. She will describe what to do in easy-to-understand terms and her suggestions always work! She is really good at interpreting your horse’s behaviour and way of going and has helped me to understand and get to know my own horse better. Lately, she has also helped me increase my understanding of saddle fitting issues.

Sam is patient, supportive and positive and makes you feel at ease, which is the best way to learn. I could go on- she is just great!”
Helen, Lincoln

“Brilliant service, very helpful and friendly, took time with me and my horse. Can’t fault anything” Zoe Vugler – Norfolk.
After years of searching for an instructor, I feel so lucky to have found Sam and just up the road too! Sam is excellent at picking up poor body positioning in the rider and horse.

Encouraging good riding dynamics will improve good biomechanical movement in the horse, Sam has a very keen eye for this. I used to regularly compete in dressage with my now semi- retired mare. I bought a youngster and had alot of very big emotional and fear based issues to deal with. I went down the natural horsemanship route with her and after several years of purely focusing on this and establishing a strong bond and trust between us, I was ready to focus on dressage training.

Mmmmm not easy to find a trainer that wasn’t all about kick and pull them into an outline!( believe me I tried many, some world renound!).  Sam has such a rounded and deep knowledge of the horse which I feel unfortunately and sadly is hard to find in a trainer. We have been focusing alot on lateral work, particularly shoulder -in, over the last few lessons. I can feel some really exciting changes in my horse, to name but a few, more cadence, collection and elevation. Thankyou Sam for being so down to earth, putting the horse first and being a stickler for attention to detail.
Rebecca Gilbert and Milly

“I was very impressed how easy it was to book an appointment, and very impressed by how thorough your service was. Will be seeing you very soon, once Emily has worked her magic. Thank you” – Lyn Bell, Lincolnshire.
I have recently moved from Suffolk to go it alone. The biggest thing I noticed was my team had disappeared. My chiropractor, dentist, farrier and instructor could not travel to my new house so I had to start again. Its then that you realise that you are only as good as the people around you. I have been searching for a good instructor to replace my previous excellent one and to be honest I didn’t think it would happen.

For years I have found a lack in instructor knowledge and the feeling that I have to find out everything for myself a bit daunting. To me qualifications don’t mean a thing, I needed someone who has the experience, someone who can do it not talk about it.I was searching the internet to find a local school for hire when I came across Sams website. I arranged to visit her yard to hire her ménage and was impressed.

Her immediate friendly manner and openness took me a bit by surprise. I have hired the ménage for a couple of times a week for over a year now and apart from how good the school is I was also impressed with that for a riding school the horses were all really well schooled. I am retraining/re-backing a thoroughbred mare and struggling. She is definitely set in her ways and she is my first attempt to train a horse from scratch.

I would agree a thoroughbred maybe shouldn’t have been my first choice but I do like a challenge!I got to a stalemate with my mare. Not bad but not progressing when I spoke with Sam about her she offered me a lot of advice but we both agreed I needed to have a lesson so we could give her the time she deserved. Sam has helped a lot. Some basic seat adjustments for the rider, yes I’m not perfect, to start with which really got the ball rolling. Sam also made me appreciate how I need to let a green horse learn. This is a strange concept I know but my mare is not a machine.

The question Sam made me ask myself was how would I like to be taught if I was the horse? If the horse doesn’t understand what I am asking then that is my problem not a problem with the horse. Each time I have a lesson with Sam I learn something new. Its not all about “I didn’t know that” but more like suggest a movement instead of demanding it, keep your frame stable concentrate on yourself, if you get it right the horse will. Give the horse a constant platform to work from.

Things we all read about but don’t actually put into practice. Its a more successful approach to understanding the animal you are working with and how to best communicate our requests.I would recommend Sam to anyone who wants to improve their riding and get the best from their horse. I am really looking forward to working with Sam on training a horse from the ground, something I have never done.

I would like to thank Sam for taking the stress out of my problem and adopting a “lets think about it instead of react to it” approach.Scary thought, “As I improve amazingly so does my horse”.
Nick Sellors

“Thank you so much for your time. I had a terrific session. I learned a great deal, not just about the fit of my saddle but also about my riding! Terrific! I will certainly be considering one of your saddles in the future.” – Diane Gray, Lincolnshire
“Brilliant! Clear concise instruction that makes sense, and such an improvement in me and my horse each time I visit 🙂 thank you xx” – Laura McLean, Norfolk.
We’re very lucky to have a qualified Enlightened Equitation Instructor in our region. Sam has helped us begin to tackle positional faults that have gone uncorrected for years.

She has taught us EE techniques for giving leg aids and sitting to the trot, and her teaching has built our confidence and enabled us to try things that we would not have wanted to try in our previous group lessons. Sam is very sympathetic and knowledgable, a rare combination in our experience.

We recommend Sam to any riders in East Anglia who are looking for  effective teaching techniques.
David Rainford & Jane Bishop

I have been riding for 17 years and been a qualified Instructor for the last 6 years, but can honestly say my riding has improved no end since starting lessons with Sam. I studied riding at college for 3 years having between two to three lessons a week for two hours a time on different horses, and yet only since being taught by Sam have I started to appreciate how we influence the horses so much, and by only having to do very little.

My lessons with Sam are fun and informative, she really takes the time to explain things-finding a way that u will understand.  Sam done a months training with my youngster and I couldn’t ask for a better horse, she enjoys her work and I like to keep bringing her back for us to progress together.

I look forward to my lessons everytime I book one, and I really get a sense of achievement when I dismount at the end. Thanks to Sam for making me want to come back time and time again.
Laura Newton

I met Sam via her fantastic website. It came over to me as a very honest truthful website with the sort of information I wanted to read, so I made the phone call and spoke to Sam. My feelings about the site were confirmed by our converstation, so I made a booking.Sams yard has a great feeling with it, which I actually find very rare, I immediately felt at ease and was proud to be part of it, and look forward to each time I am there.

Lessons are informative, precise, and structured and also welcoming, rewarding and leave you wanting to go back for more. I have watched Sam teach and do groundwork with her horses, as well as giving me lessons.

She is a concientious and caring teacher, and gets the best out of the horse and rider at any given time, and she does this without putting horse rider or herself under unneccessary pressure. There is always a clear understanding and good line of communication for all.

I wish I lived a lot closer to Sam and her yard, then I could spend more time developing my understanding for horses and their training both in the saddle and on the ground.Since I met Sam, I have watched her business develop and grow into something special; a School of Excellence, for her clients and horses to develop and grow into something more special than they are already.
Lorraine Boon BHSAI (Northamptonshire)

“Certainly getting my money’s worth! Really enjoying working with someone who explains why certain exercises are helpful. Have gained such a lot of knowledge already and come away each week with exercises to focus on to improve my horse and my riding. Thank you, Sam” – Karen Barker, Lincolnshire.
When I first met Sam, she was teaching a friend of mine, on her own horse. She like me had had an accident and had confidence issues. Although she had a fantastic bond with her horse, her mare is very sensitive and they were struggling to gel where ridden work was concerned.

I was really impressed with how patient and understanding Sam was with my friend and her horse. Sam is very clever at gently encouraging you to do things that you wouldn’t dare do, or even think you were capable of doing, without you even realising! She could read the horse and give my friend tips on what to do to distract her from any naughty habits… before she could actually do them!

Since that first meeting my friend and her horse have reached an even greater understanding and are progressing really well.Another of my friends has also regained her confidence in riding since starting again after a long break. This was also down to Sam’s expertise and patience.

Sam also took her horse in for schooling because she was being naughty when ridden and was also very bolshy around people. She came back a different horse and is now a real pleasure to handle.All of this gave me ‘the bug’ to start again after a bad accident and a long break. To cut a long story short, Sam gave me a lesson on a horse that I was interested in buying.

I thoroughly enjoyed my lesson and although I hadn’t cantered for ‘fourteen years’….after telling myself ‘I AM THE BEST RIDER’…I was soon cantering twenty metre circles! I went home having grown a couple of feet taller, bought the gorgeous horse and haven’t looked back! So Sam, I’d just like to say a big thankyou for giving me back my passion for riding….. Oh and…… I AM THE BEST RIDER!
Debbie Hartley

When I first went to Sam’s for lessons I thought i was a good rider and rode correctly. How wrong was I. Sam has taught me how to ride correctly and how to use my legs. Its made such a difference to how my horses work and go. I never enjoyed training my horses it always seemed to be a battle with them but now with Sam’s training and help they are a pleasure to work and the battles have stopped.

My horses and I now compete in dressage competitions and we thoroughly enjoy it. So thank you Sam for showing me flat work is fun and we can do it.

Sue Collins

“Fantastic, nothing was too much trouble time taken to fully assess each horse and wow the Sam Jamieson Saddles are just divine for both horse and rider. Thank you.”  Sharon Eldred, Cambridgeshire.