Sam Jamieson Training Equipment Collection

Whether you’re training your horse or trying to correct a long-standing issue, using groundwork, lunging, in hand equipment is sure to set you on the path to success. After frustration of not always finding the best equipment I decided to create my own collection.  Everything from lunge lines, training roller, lunge cavassons, horse training equipment, so you’re sure to find everything you need.

If lunging, both lunge reins and lunge cavessons are essential, however, when choosing yours it’s important that you pick the right size and that it’s adjusted correctly when you first put it into action. You will also find our lunge roller available here, made from serge and leather for maximum comfort and strength with various d-ring positions for attachment including being able to have long reining lines at the sides of the horse aswell as at the top via turrets that are moveable to 3 positions during exercise sessions.

High quality horse training equipment are essential for comfort and success. Give your horse the care and attention he needs with our collection today.

A Winning Combination

My aim is to ensure both You and your Horse are happy and comfortable with your training equipment that I can. My approach is to discuss with you any concerns, assessing the equipment, your horse and working out how to rectify them if need be, you are the person that knows your horse best and how things feel to you, combined with my expertise we can work out what is the best for both you and your horse.

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