Horse Rehabilitation

This case study has been written by Sam Jamieson.

Tracey and Buddy – Lincolnshire
“I first met Tracey and Buddy in November 2014.  We discussed Buddy’s history and what Tracey was hoping to carry on with in their partnership.  We discussed going forward with rehabilitation for Buddy due to his conformation.  I advised Tracey, due to his big shoulders that he would benefit from a straighter cut saddle.  You can see from the November photo that Buddy needs to improve his topline, abdominal line and generally have more covering.

It is very clear also where you can see his shelf of ribs and his quarters drop down with a steep angle.  Also when viewed from behind Buddy’s shoulders were asymmetrical.

We changed Buddy’s saddle and I recommended remedial padding to help Buddy build up gradually over time and become more symmetrical.

Just one month later as shown in the December photo even though Buddy is stretched out whilst grabbing some hay his muscle has started to build already.  His neck muscle on top and the sides is building and the muscle is giving better coverage over his shoulders, this all continues through the rest of his body and it is now more difficult to see the shelf of his ribs and his belly appears more toned and quarters rounded where his muscle is now filling out.”

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