Eight years ago I bought Montana, a 2 year old ID x Part Paint with the intention of bringing her on so I could retire my ageing TB. Being qualified as an instructor and having completed my BHS stage exams I had bought her with the intention of bringing her on and backing her myself.

Work became quite busy after a change in jobs, and I decided I couldn’t devote the time needed to bring on a youngster from scratch. I had started to look for some help when I came across Sam’s website which at the time was her riding school, I decided to book a lesson with Sam and so made the phone call which was one of the best calls I ended up making, Sam instantly put me at ease on the phone, chatting away being her lovely bubbly self. I booked to have a lesson, and was shocked to learn so much, and to me it was such a different style of riding – I was hooked and started to book regular lessons.

Once Montana was old enough I sent her to Sam’s for the month to begin her backing, she proved to be a very bright mare, and a pleasure for me to work with when I picked her up, and we continued Sam’s work with regular lessons. I have since been on weekends away with Sam and the horses camping, and riding on the beach and we have such a fantastic time with happy well rounded horses, who take everything in their stride, which is no doubt down to Sam’s wonderful method of teaching and training.

Discussing saddles with Sam, we decided on a treeless initially for my mare as she was young and frequently changing shape, but once fully grown and starting to really progress with our dressage work at home I decided to buy the Sam Jamieson Deluxe Dressage Saddle and I love it. It is comfy for us both and the chiropractor always comments on how lovely and level and supple she is.

In 2014, after finally getting transport I went and competed in my first preliminary dressage test, away from home, we have done in hand shows in the past, but nothing under saddle, and I was nervous, to say the least. But Sam and the team (Ash and Emily J ) came along for support, and I was so grateful – the weather was horrendous, and I took great comfort in Sam’s presence, knowing that she could give me tips to keep me focussed, plus my horse always behaves so much better when Sam is there – she knows that she can’t get away with anything under Sam’s watchful eye – mummy is far too lenient.

Once the test was over I got Montana toasty and tucked up on the box and went to get us all a deserved hot drink, and coming off the lorry, I was presented with a lovely blue ribbon by Emily, I was over the moon. We had come second in our first proper test! I was most definitely a show jumper when I met Sam – But I am now a dressage convert. Roll on 2015 and many more ribbons to come!