Sam Jamieson Clothing Collection

After wearing bootleg jodphurs and finding how easy it was to ride aswell as doing yard work without changing boots etc it was so apparent that my time was cut down, needless to say I thought you would benefit too and launched my own collection.

I have truly learnt that nature certainly has given us some amazing gifts, one that we all know and love is sheepskin.

The benefits are amazing:

  • Sheepskin is a natural insulator – warm in winter, cool in summer.
  • Sheepskin wicks away moisture, allowing air to circulate and keeps the skin dry.
  • Sheepskin’s antibacterial properties mean there are no odours.
  • Sheepskin is hypoallergenic and suitable for allergy suffers.
  • Sheepskin dissipates pressures.
  • Many doctors and chiropodists recommend sheepskin slippers for patients with circulatory problems such as Raynaud’s Syndrome.

We handmake to the highest standard the finest luxury sheepskin slippers, hats, headbands, gloves and mittens and will be adding to our collection.

We only use the finest sheepskins and once delivered to our workshop, these are matched for colour and texture by eye and touch before being cut and stitched by hand, transforming them into these high quality, luxury products.

That perfect gift or of course why not treat yourself!

A Winning Combination

My aim is to ensure both You and your Horse are happy and comfortable with your training equipment that I can. My approach is to discuss with you any concerns, assessing the equipment, your horse and working out how to rectify them if need be, you are the person that knows your horse best and how things feel to you, combined with my expertise we can work out what is the best for both you and your horse.

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