It’s time for a new saddle – How exciting!  You have lots to choose from, new saddles available are The Sam Jamieson Saddles Collection, Jeffries Saddles, Equerry Saddles, Ideal Saddles, GFS Saddles, PDS Saddles, Monarch Saddles, Silhouette Saddles, Bates Saddles, Wintec Saddles and The Saddle Company Saddles.  

All different types of Second Hand saddles, read on to reveal more information.

Its a fact of life that a saddle can change both you and your horses performance!

Based on what matter’s to you most. We take the time to understand you and your horse to help you to accomplish your ambitions. By working in this way we help you accelerate your success.

Sam Jamieson Equine and Tackaholics work together giving you a wide range of saddles to choose from.

You have the option of going to Tackaholics to have a look at the saddles or Sam can bring them out to you for a full saddle fitting.

It helps when booking for a saddle fitting if you can advise what type of saddle you are looking for ie General Purpose, Dressage or Jumping saddle, what seat size you think you may need and if possible an approximate width and what breed they are, photos from the side and from the rear of your horse showing their back shape and width are also helpful.

Sam Jamieson Saddles

Our saddles have so many benefits. Your horse’s silent words speak volumes when ridden in our saddles. Your horse truly is the best Saddle Fitter in the world and you will be delighted at the response.

We take pride in creating success stories.  Everyone’s different, so there’s really only one way to understand what you need. That’s why we like to listen – rather than simply telling you what we can do for you.

The Sam Jamieson Saddles Collection has been designed and manufactured in conjunction with international market leader’s in British saddle manufacturing.

This excellent collection of saddles has combined 30 years of Sam Jamieson’s experience in the equine industry with over 30 years of our Saddle Makers unrivalled quality, style, finest workmanship, durability and technical manufacturing knowledge. Sam Jamieson is passionate in equality of high standards which has been proven by both horse and rider time and time again with her saddles.

Designed and engineered to give a lifetime of high performance and partnership.  Enhancing you and your horses balance in comfort, stability, support and giving your horse freedom of movement.  We are proud of our products and delight in the achievements of the horses and riders that use them.

Why a Sam Jamieson Saddle

More expression and movement. Sam Jamieson Saddles allow free movement of the shoulder allowing for a bigger stride and jump therefore allowing walk, trot and canter extensions to become easier, lateral work more expressive and improvement jumping.
The saddles are designed to support you where needed assisting your position. Hip and thigh support and soft seat giving you comfort and support.
Evenly distributed weight is the path to a happy horse, the wide bearing surface on our saddles gives great comfort to your horse allowing him to reach his full potential.
A wide gullet means that the saddle will not impinge on your horse’s spine and the surrounding body tissues; this improves comfort, especially on turns, circles and lateral work boosting performance.
All our saddles are made of high quality materials, and are exceptionally comfortable to ride in with a soft seat.
A key component of our saddles is wool flocking; it is a proven material and unrivalled. The horse benefits immensely. It is adjustable, moulds to your horse, shock absorbing, breathable and allows muscle movement and the flow of circulation.

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