Sam Jamieson Show Saddle

The Sam Jamieson Show Saddle

  • Hand made in the UK
  • Pure Luxury Leather
  • Beautiful soft suede option
  • Made to order
  • Your colour choice
  • Beautiful Quality Stitching
  • Beautifully stitched and carefully crafted

The same Successful, Proven Design!

Picture the scene, the first time you sit in your saddle, that huge grin and the warm feeling inside.  Makes your heart melt.

You snuggle into the soft cushion seat.

Giving you piece of mind, confidence and of course, lots of fun!

Sam Jamieson Saddles
Sam Jamieson Black Show Saddle.
Sam Jamieson Show Saddles

The Luxurious Saddle available for Adults and Children.

The Sam Jamieson Showing Saddle is ideal as a pony saddle, childrens saddle and adult saddle for horses too.

Careful attention to every detail for perfect quality.  Made from the finest leather.  You can choose to have all soft or buffalo leather, part suede or full suede.

From Sam Jamieson

“With this design, it still includes our reversed tree points allowing shoulder movement and wide gullet and panels to enhance your horses comfort.

This saddle is suitable for those tricky to fit wide cobs and ponies yet work well with more shaped equine friends.

The panels in our design have good weight distribution and wool flocking allowing adjustment yet still give the feel of being a closer contact ”

Sam Jamieson

Sam Jamieson Saddles


Sam Jamieson Show Saddle